Advice from a tree

Sooo, I was scrolling on my Explore page on Instagram one morning and I came across a very inspiring, and a little funny, post.

(Photo: IG @onthebookshelf)

Before you brush this off, please take a minute to process it. The post is simple. But I have included my own take on it(below):

  • Stand tall and proud: Listen to me when I say, all you have to do is be confident and literally everything will unfold. Everything you ever wanted will begin to come to life. As long you feel 110% proud of yourself and your capabilities, your success will be unlimited. I started practicing this a few months ago and I’m starting to see many of my visions come to life. And this is only the beginning.
  • Go out on a limb: Me creating this blog and posting my work is me “going out on a limb”. This is something I wouldn’t normally do and although it’s a little daunting, it’s a great way to overcome some of my fears. Don’t be afraid to do something you normally wouldn’t do. I mean, we only have one life to live right? So, fill it with the most memorable experiences. And remember, one day you’ll be able to look back and say, “Damn! I can’t believe I really did that.”
  • Remember your roots: For as long as I can remember I always dreamed of moving far, far away from my hometown and never looking back. I moved away from my hometown in the fall of 2016 to continue my college career. Best decision ever. No matter how far away from Baltimore I get, I will forever love and remember everything the city has instilled in me. Even the simplest of things. I will never forget the raggedy rowhomes in Baltimore city that I grew up in with all five of my siblings, sharing a small room with my older sister for years, the struggles I watched my mom go through on her own and then pull herself back through, the long nights not being able to sleep because my stomach growled so loud, the thick piles of blankets we would use to shield the cold because the heat was turned off. My mother is the G.O.A.T. Many people will never know the things she sacrificed and put herself through just for us. I would be here all day if I kept going but I think it’s safe to say you get the point. Appreciate everything for what it is. I’ve come from struggle and I appreciate that. That same struggle is what pushes me every single day to create a better future for my entire family and myself.
  • Drink plenty of water: Why is this speaking to my life??! Honest to God I only drink water and tea. I may have lemonade sometimes but mostly I drink water. In the morning, in the afternoon, at night. Water is so good for you and it tastes so good. I prefer ice cold water, although I do know some weirdos who drink warm, room temperature water. Water is good for your skin, health, and it gives you energy believe it or not. You know when you first wake up in the morning and you have that uncontrollable thirst and when you finally drink some water you automatically feel quenched? It’s like you can feel your body being re-hydrated. Fun fact: As you sleep, the water in your body is used to replenish cells, organs, and tissues and to maintain bodily functions. That “uncontrollable thirst” is because your body uses up all the water over night. So, when you wake up you need to drink more water to refill the supply to keep your body going.
  • Be content with your natural beauty: Seriously though, like I STILL struggle with this. Crazy right? Well, it’s common for people to not realize their own beauty. As I learn more and more about makeup, the more I try to cover up those things I hate about myself. Recently, I’ve tried new skin care products that I’m hoping will help permanently fix those blemishes and imperfections. I want to be able to feel comfortable in my skin without makeup. Sometimes I need that little extra push to wipe off my makeup, so here is your “extra push”. Thank me later.
  • Enjoy the view: You may be on a path to great things and right now it may be difficult, but never forget to stop and take it all in. There have been so many times that I was so focused on the end goal that I forgot what it took to get there. I’ve learned that it’s not really where you go that sets you apart; it’s how you got there. Quite often, the road to success is more appealing and captivating than the degree, or medal, or certificate you received in the end.

Did you learn anything about yourself? No? Well scroll back up, reread it, and think harder. We all practice these things whether we realize it or not. At some point we will all struggle with one or more of them. It’s the simple things that we are quick to overlook.Take a step back from life for few minutes and really think about what you’re doing. I find that reflecting is good way to move forward. I mean it makes sense, you can’t move forward until you know exactly what is holding you back and what’s blocking your success.
Until next time,

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