Don’t leave me πŸ˜­

I have not forgotten about you guys! I promise. This weekend was super crazy. I went to Atlanta so I barely had time to edit before posting. This week is my last week of classes for the spring semester and then next week is finals week so I’m going to be extremelyyyyy busy. I’m so ready for this semester to be over, you don’t even understand.

I have so many stories to share but they all need editing which I don’t have enough time for at this moment. I’m aiming to post a couple throughout the week, but please give me a little time. I have so much to study a.k.a cram for in these coming days.

I’m going to tell you all about my very first trip to Atlanta and I took so many pictures that I’ll share. I’ll also be posting about the orgs I’m involved with on campus so that’s exciting. We’re having a crab feast this week so I’ll probably post later that night.

Thank you for being patient & staying tuned!!

Until next time,

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