New year, new..

Yeah I know the cliché saying is played out and well cliché but I really mean it this year. I’m excited to allow myself to go through transformations, try new things, reach new goals. I’m excited to watch my friends grow. I’m getting older which means so are my friends. I get to see their growth as we begin to enter our careers and finish our last years of college. 

This year I set goals for myself. Not New Year’s resolutions, but real, attainable goals. I wrote them in my notes and posted it as my home screen. I look at it every day and I am reminded of the person I want to be. Not only for 2017, but until the next stage in my life. I’m building an unstoppable, accountable, self-determined and disciplined young woman.
Don’t rush your transformation. Sit in your growth, enjoy the journey, take it all in before it’s all gone.
Until next time,

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