Let me first start off by saying I deeply apologize for the late post. Although this is not an excuse, my life has been crazy hectic this past week. I am preparing for finals week and currently in the process of packing everything I own to move yet again. Nonetheless, I wanted to keep the inspirational juices flowing. 

This week’s quote serves to motivate you and keep you pushing through whatever tough patch you are experiencing. This is not it. This is not the end. Keep in mind that whatever bridge you may be trying to cross or obstacle you are facing is not going to stop you. No matter how dark your path may be looking at this very moment in time you have the power to change that. With this being finals week, I feel this is truly something most of my followers should read.

Just last week I had an anxiety attack. For anyone who knows me, I am a nerd. For my entire educational career I have been an A student, few B’s here and there; Honor Roll every quarter/semester; didn’t have to study too much. This has been my toughest semester by far. Literally since I’ve started school. All the work piled up back to back to back as my professors tried to cram all the final assignments into the last few days of class. In the same day I was assigned a group presentation, a quiz, an exam, a list of workbook assignments and an online assignment. Oh, this was assigned the week before the last week of class.

So I like to “collect” my grades before exams so I know how well/bad I’m doing. I like to be aware of how much I effort I should put into studying for each exam. Let’s just talk about one class today..accounting.

Average: Well, my accounting professor told me I had a 52.35% overall. This was with two more classes left of the semester. Instantly I felt my body begin to shut down. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t focus, I even lost my appetite. I actually began to think I would I have to retake the class and register for all new classes in the fall. I just wanted to give up. Migraine #1.

Group Project: My group consisted of two young gentlemen who maybe attended class a total of 3 times all semester and my professor wanted me to work with them. Absolutely not. I needed a good grade on that project. I ended up working alone..on a 10 minute presentation, with no notes or references. Migraine #2.

Death: The final exam is Monday. Migraine #3.

Of course my professor didn’t care, it wasn’t his career at stake or his degree. I mean I didn’t really expect him to, honestly. I couldn’t fathom the thought of actually failing an entire class. My heart dropped to my stomach and I could feel a migraine coming on. We had one more class of new material and one class of presentations. I needed a miracle–and that’s what I got. My professor updated our grades the day after our presentations. My F went up to a C+. I felt the weight being lifted from my chest. I literally could breathe again. I’m not exactly sure how or why my grade changed so drastically but I am beyond grateful. Now, I have the option to take his final to get a higher grade or accept my C+. Knowing me, I’m taking the final. While a C+ is great compared to a F, an A or a B is even better. And I’m always aiming for better.

This is only one of the many horrific stories I have from this semester. But in all seriousness, please don’t give up. This isn’t the end. You just have a little more ways to go and I believe in you. You can do it. Finish just as strong as you started. Whether you are preparing to take finals, interviewing for a new position, facing personal traumas, anything. Just don’t give up. It will be over soon, I promise you. You would be amazed by the things you can really accomplish.

Until next time,

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