School was fine, thanks for asking

So it’s that time of year again when everybody asks the dreaded question, “Schools out already?! How was the semester?” Like seriously, it’s over so let’s leave the past in the past. I only hate it this time around because this semester was super difficult but I got through it so let’s not keep bringing it up. Next time, I’m going to give them the complete opposite answer than what they expect. “This semester was horrible. I failed like 2/5 of my classes and I probably won’t even go back.” Lets see how they like that response. But on a serious note, I made the Dean’s List once again. This semester was actually a struggle so shoutout to all my professors who looked out for me.

And another question I’m tired of hearing already would have to be, “I miss you, when can I see you?” Listen, if we didn’t talk all semester don’t hit me up. It’s quite simple. There’s no need to act like we spent time together before the semester started or as if we’re even friends. It’s like college changes you and the people around you. The hotter it gets, the crazier people get. People who I haven’t talked to since high school have been messaging me like “When we going to chill?” and “When you going come see me?” At this point I don’t want to see anyone expect my managers so we can talk about my summer schedule.

Besides those couple things I’m actually pretty excited for the summer. I’m taking one summer accounting course which starts in 2 weeks and I go back to work later this week. In August I will be moving into my apartment so I’ll be preparing for that all summer. I’m trying to plan one in-country trip and save the majority of my pay all summer. I also hope that a few of my projects really take off like this blog and my clothing line that is soon to come.

Until next time,

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