Check, please

It’s been a great debate over the past few years over who should pay for the bill. Went on a date or just out with friends should the man or the woman reach for the bill first? Well, the answer you have been waiting for is…it doesn’t matter. Yeah, it’s maybe common courtesy or traditional for the man to offer to pay the bill but if the woman offers, don’t be surprised. Some woman don’t mind paying the tab, shocker right?

In recent studies it has been found that most women are not expecting men to cover the entire bill. Writer Tom Fordy with Ask Men UK tackles this issue(article linked below). In his study, he questions 10 different types of woman(feminist, athlete, dating coach, etc) and their answers may be a little shocking to the traditional person. Their responses included splitting evenly, the one who asked should pay, and the man pays the entire thing.


Personally, I believe in equality. First date wise: you ask me out, you pay. Anything past that is fair game and should be handled as such. I’m not sure how women can fight for “equal” rights but then still expect the man to be a “man.” In my opinion, who cares. There is no right or wrong solution to this worldwide dilemma. The waiter drops the check and whoever grabs for the bill pays the bill. If you’re feeling risqué, go half on a coupon so you both save a little. I recommend Groupon they have deals for everything: restaurants , hotels, aquarium tickets(hint, hint). I was dating this guy once who wasn’t working and so when we would go out I would pay the bill. I never expected him to stop me, but there would be times he would either give me half or take care of the full bill. There were also times we would both look for coupon codes to use when ordering takeout. We were both broke college students which explains a lot of the decisions we made. Honestly, in a relationship it is simpler. Whoever has it at the time can pay. If you happen to be in a relationship of “bread winners” congratulations, it doesn’t matter whose pocket it comes out of. So next time when the waiter drops the check, don’t get uncomfortable and sweaty, it will be okay.


Until next time,

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