“Never give them your power”

The other day I had a really bad day at work. I’ve been working at this nice restaurant for about 4 years now. It was my first real job ever and I’ve felt at home for the duration of my employment. I was hired to do one job but of course I ended up switching and learning many roles in the restaurant. Recently, I’ve felt unappreciated by the “new” management. I absolutely love working there and I love the owners and my manager. There are a few managers and employees, however, that can be disrespectful and just plain rude.

Normally I am the witty one; always with the sharp, snappy comebacks for any and every body. Well, last week I wasn’t so witty. After a coworker told me I don’t know how to do my job, I’m not good at my job, and that he had to do it for me since I was so bad, I made the executive decision to walk out. Bad decision? At the time no, but now, still no.

Let me tell you why and the process of thinking I used: Although I am witty, I am not disrespectful. I think I am pretty cool to work with and I don’t really cross any lines between coworkers or managers. I do my job and I’m damn good at it if they’ve kept me around for so long. Simply put, don’t disrespect me if don’t disrespect you. I also have been super patient and giving to this establishment. Like I said, I was originally hired for one position but have developed into whatever other positions they have needed me to. I don’t need recognition or accolades, but I refuse to be mistreated and unappreciated for the work that I do.

My decision was split between 3 options: cuss him out, stab him, or walk away. I know the “stab him” option sounds a bit extreme but honestly I’m working on my anger issues. I tend to be very violent as my first reaction in situations like that. This was different though because I had tried to calm myself down after the fact and still saw visions of me getting locked up for stabbing someone 🙄. I don’t think jail would be a good fit for me 🤗 so I went with walk away. I walked out with 3 hours left to my shift.

Now, I didn’t quit necessarily but I didn’t know if I was fired for walking out. If I was I would completely understand. Later that night I was involved in a car accident and my phone was left in the totaled car for like 2 days. Once I got it back, I called my job because I knew I owed a few people a few apologies. Instead of going through management, I went straight to the owner and explained the situation and apologized sincerely. He told me to come back to work. (The owners literally love me and I am forever grateful to have met them.)

The next week I came to work my normal shift and the big owner was there. I hadn’t talked to him yet but I knew that he knew what happened because I had a voicemail from him telling me to give him a call. This is why I love this man, he is so young yet so wise..well I mean not super young but you get the point.

Instead of yelling at me or reprimanding me, he taught me a life lesson. He said to me, “Never let anyone control your emotions.” Funny because I had been writing a blog about this very thing and I was trying to practice it. He also told me that “No matter what people have to say about you, don’t believe them. Listen to them but don’t believe them. You have to be confident enough in yourself to know that they don’t know what they’re talking about. The greatest power you have is the security within yourself. Never give them your power.”

Those words were the first I heard at 9 a.m. and somehow they are still lingering in my mind today as I write this. In that moment I thought I was protecting my security by walking away, but I was actually handing it right over to him. Instead of walking away, I should have swallowed his opinion of me and continued to do my job because I know in my heart that I am great at what I do.

I cannot thank him enough for sharing those words of wisdom with me. I had come to work expecting to have a good day but I had an amazing day. I will forever carry that wisdom with me and practice it until I perfect it. Thank you Mr. G.

2 thoughts on ““Never give them your power”

  1. Shaniya i love your blog, especially this post, (sorry it took me so long to take the time to look at your blog).I can tell you put in a lot of work into your blog, I love your creativity and wish you all the best with your success with your blog. Keep on writing and don’t let anyone have power over you!

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    1. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate all the support, it means so much more to me than you could ever know. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe.


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