Now that I have your attention, I would just like to let you know of all the things you get to be excited for. I am working on so many things that I can’t wait to release. THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC lol

First, I know the past few Memoirs have been so sobby and about love and stuff so I’m done with that kind of writing for now. I just had to get a few things off my mind. To make up for this, I have a really controversial blog coming soon. Hopefully I can get that out by the end of this week. This is a super hot topic so I have to make sure my thoughts are thorough and well laid out. I’m hoping that it will cause people to talk and actually leave comments..You know I learn every day that I actually have a faithful following which is so uplifting and motivating. I’m really trying to work on accepting feedback, so do be afraid to leave me comments under posts or message me via the Contact page.

Secondly, I have an artist feature coming very, very soon. This was supposed to be my favorite part of Unscripted, but it has been delayed a few weeks for numerous reasons. Based off my personal interests, you may know what type of artist this is going to be. **drum roll please** The first artist feature is going to be a tattoo artist. I’m super excited to share that with you all. Even if you don’t like tattoos, and idk why you wouldn’t, you’ll love this story.

I am working on another blogging stream–vlogging. I hate not being fully prepared so I wanted to wait until I bought an actual camera so my vlogs would be nice to watch, but I think I’m going to dive right in, and soon. Not going to give away too much about this, but just know Unscripted is growing up guys.

And last but not least: BE ON THE LOOKOUT for new merch going on sale this summer. Within the next month or maybe even less, I’m going to be selling Unscripted merchandise. Yes, I said it. I will be selling Unscripted the blog merchandise, including t-shirts, baseball hats, and maybe something a little special too.  I’m putting together a great team of artists, graphic designers and printers, to really bring my vision to life. If you know any of the above, please feel free to message me or comment their contact info. You can never have too many artists on your team. I don’t want to release anything less than perfect so I apologize for the wait. You won’t want to miss this release, so make sure you’re following this site for the big update. Also, stay tuned for all the great things that are to come for us! I cannot thank you enough for all the support and overwhelming love I receive for this blog. Without you faithful readers, I literally would just be talking to myself.


Until next time,

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