8 of Pentacles- Reversed

Recently, I decided to tap into the world of astrology and palmistry. I got a tarot card reading and it helped me realize so many things about myself. I’m going through a rough stage right now and I felt like I just didn’t know what to do. I normally am not one to believe in or even read my horoscope or anything like that but this time I wanted to give it a try.

I most identify with the Hindu religion so I believe heavily in karma and samsara. For those who do not know, karma is the belief that all actions have consequences; whether good or bad, those actions determine a person’s fate in the next life. Samsara goes hand-in-hand with moksha; samsara being the cycle of rebirth and moksha being the liberation from this cycle. Moksha is the eternal happiness, in other words it is heaven. Unlike other religions, Hinduism forces you to really work on yourself and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. It doesn’t pressure you into living a certain way before a “Judgement Day” or punish you for not attaining moksha. It is self-paced and honestly, I didn’t really choose these beliefs. Like most things, it just kind of happened. I’ll definitely write another post explaining more about my religious and spiritual beliefs as I continue to figure them out myself.

Back to the astrology. If you’ve ever gotten a palm reading or tarot card reading, you know that it can be an expensive field. I was up late on night so I went scrolling on the internet to find an online tool I could use to get the same results before I actually go out to get a reading. I found this great app that blew my mind. It’s called Astral Coach and you can get palm readings, tarot readings, and daily horoscope readings. I paid for the upgraded version where you can get access to all of these. The free version just has your daily horoscope. I put in all my information and started exploring the app.

First, I did my palm reading and the results weren’t too shocking. I’ve read something like it before so I wasn’t surprised at the content, but I was surprised at the truth in it. I tried it again a day later to see if I would get the same message. I wasn’t sure if the app really worked so I wanted to test it out on different days to get different results. Both results are shown below.


Next, I read my daily horoscope. This one really made me stop and think. It was true. I had just met a few people who I am building relationships/friendships. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I think not. I checked the day before to see if it also aligned with my life. My jaw dropped..it was true. I am working on something with my sister that will one day have a huge turnover. I couldn’t believe it. The next day I checked it again, but I’m still trying to make sense of it. Parts of it were true but I wonder who it could have been referring to.


My favorite part of the app has got to be the tarot card reading. For those who do not know what that is, I will explain as simply as I can. There are a deck of 72-cards, each with a different suit, illustration and meaning. There is a Minor Arcana, made up of four suits and a Major Arcana, not associated with any suit. Minor Arcana suits are swords, wands, cups, and pentacles and are numbered 1-10. These cards represent the practical daily obstacles in life. The Major Arcana show principles and concepts that represent long-term, big events in some area of life. Tarot readings are not meant to foretell your future, but aid you in reaching your higher self. I tried it twice and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t use it to answer the questions I have about my life, but I used them to help me make decisions that I’m currently struggling with. For each reading, you pick 7 cards.

The first reading I did, I got:

  1. Wheel of Fortune
  2. The Star
  3. Four of Pentacles
  4. Justice- Reversed
  5. Six of Pentacles- Reversed
  6. King of Cups- Reversed
  7. Eight of Cups- Reversed

The second reading I did, I got:

  1. Nine of Cups
  2. The Tower- Reversed
  3. King of Pentacles
  4. Eight of Pentacles- Reversed
  5. Five of Pentacles- Reversed
  6. Six of Cups- Reversed
  7. Five of Cups- Reversed


I picked out a few of my favorite cards and their meanings are below the illustration.

I won’t explain exactly what they said or explained but you can look those up. After I read each card, I thought about how it applied to my life. Every single card, from both readings gave me direction in some area of my life. Not saying that I it made me perfect, but it really helped me bring a lot of issues to light. One card in particular, Eight of Pentacles- Reversed, really spoke to me. This was probably my favorite card because I am dealing with something right now that will change the course of my life forever. Since I was a child I had big dreams and goals set for myself. Over the past few weeks, and maybe months, those dreams are starting to be shut down. There is so much I want to accomplish or myself that i have to give up on one thing in order to reach another. When I think about my future and where I want to be, I tend to let myself dream big. I don’t think there is anything I’m not capable of doing. While this is a good mindset to have, it is not realistic. My dreams have made me unrealistic and now, I am paying for that.

Crazy enough, I immediately knew this was real. I hadn’t openly discussed the issues I’m facing with anyone before I read those cards. No social media posts or rants, literally only I knew what was going on. It was insane that this app was really helping with my real life problems.

The app also creates your personal birth or natal chart. It tells the exact location of all the planets at the moment of your birth. This chart can reveal strengths and weaknesses,, show opportunities for growth, and tell the best times to make important decisions. I’m still learning how to best utilize this feature but I’m sure it won’t let me down.

As I continue on my journey I will keep you posted. Hopefully I will be able to schedule an actual reading one day soon and I’ll share that with you all. I am really finding where I fit in the spiritual world and tis meant a lot to me. I’m super excited to see what other truth sI can uncover about myself.

Until next time,

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