Out with the old..

It’s been soooo long since I’ve posted and I would like to apologize. The last few weeks of my life have been so hectic, all to say that now the storm is over. Well one storm is over, my life is never too calm for too long. Good news, I’m back in school and I moved into my apartment. I also just had a birthday last week so I’m a little more mature lol. But seriously, I wanted to write something super inspiring due to my recent defeat.
Over time I have come to realize that just because you have a “perfect” plan mapped out for yourself, you don’t have to follow it. Most people have reached their goals by different means than how they originally set out to. I still have the same goals for myself, but I have accepted a new route. Instead of doing everything by the books and how people expect me to, I’m going to move at my own pace and make each move for myself. Plans are simply guidelines or suggestions. They shouldn’t be set in stone and they aren’t there to force you to act a certain way. They are there to help if you get lost during your path to success.

As I wrote before in past posts, the future of my college career was very murky and uncertain. The day before I was supposed to move back to school an unknown source of financial aid hit my account and made it able for me to enroll in classes full-time. I literally cried as I read the email from my school. I was on my way home from work and I just wanted to put the thought of school out of mind. I couldn’t wait to get home and relax. I checked my emails, as a habit, and thought it was a mistake. I went home and started packing that same day.

This summer I’ve learned that it’s okay to not have a plan because you’ll end up changing those plans several times along the journey. I have always wanted to graduate within 4 years and have this perfect college experience. Sometimes we have to sacrifice one thing for another. The biggest lesson I’ve learned this summer was that my personal happiness is the most important thing to me. While I need money and school to get my degree, I’d sacrifice anything to have my happiness. I transferred schools two years ago now and I haven’t been happier since. I honestly have been making more and more decisions by putting my happiness first and I think I’ve gotten to such a good place. It’s sounds so cliché but I couldn’t make this up. I’m more concerned about being happy that it doesn’t matter if it takes me 5 years to graduate, as long as I’m in a place where I enjoy each day and am able to perform at my best.

While this has definitely been a learning and growing summer for me, there are a few goals I did not reach for myself. At the beginning of the summer I wrote down all the things I wanted to accomplish or begin throughout the summer. Two major things I wasn’t able to begin were my modeling portfolio and merchandise for the site. Those things will come eventually but I’d wish I could have checked those off my list by now.

One goal I would like to add to my ongoing list is to actively join 1-2 orgs on campus. It is important to me that I take advantage of all the things my campus offers and by joining organizations I will be able to meet new people and engage in activities that interest me and my major. I’m already involved in a few orgs but there are way too many options for me not to see what’s out there.

Look forward to more posts, more often. Even if I’m lacking inspiration to write, I will try to post updates or other artists or news articles that grab my attention. I normally try to steer away from politics but the way our government is set up right now, I’m sure I can add my two cents.

Thank you again for the continuous support.
Until next time,

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