Let’s get to it!!

So to break up the vibe here I wanted to mix it up and do a post out of the ordinary. I want to start really shedding light on other artists, which was one of the original goals I had for Unscripted. I intended for this to be my outlet as well as an outlet for other artists who I feel should get more attention and praise for their craft. I will be doing artist features very soon so please send me submissions to my email at unscriptedblog17@gmail.com. ALL ARTISTS ARE WELCOME!! Please put “Artist Feature” as the subject and be sure to include the artist name and craft, any social media accounts, links to their work, and contact information. I love to discover new artists, and I may not be a big time producer or publisher, but I would like to use my growing platform to inspire and attract other artists.

All emails come directly to me phone so I will see every single one of them. I will contact you directly to do a small interview and work together to create a layout for your feature. And if you don’t have a craft but have a friend who does, you can submit on their behalf as well.

In addition to that, I have come across so many new blogs and it makes me cryyyy. Guys, growing up absolutely everyone I went to school with hated reading let alone writing. I have found peace in literature and it really excites and humbles me to see so many of my peers breaking these barriers. I’m even more excited to see the different things we can come up with because our words are so powerful. I have seen so many blogs ranging in topics and layouts, and presentation. As many can attest to this that I reach out to anyone who writes and let them know I SUPPORT them! This past year of blogging has been crazy but we’re almost at 1 full year. Can you believe it?? I’m so proud of myself. A year ago I had a vision, and I am still working around the clock, outside of school, work, finding an internship, and every other responsibility to make this vision come to life.

Big thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far and continues to support. I plan on going even farther with Unscripted. The new year will only bring more success so please stay tuned.

Again, don’t forget to send me artist submissions so I can share your work!!

Until next time,

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