Mind your business, that’s all

I was on my way home from school this Friday, minding my business like I normally do you know nothing new. There was a girl, probably around my age who got on the bus, with her headphones in, also minding her business. When she stood up to leave her shirt had rolled up a little exposing her lower back and stomach. She was heavyset so it wasn’t hard to miss if you were looking in her direction. She stepped off the bus and as soon as the doors closed behind her there was a loud uproar of laughter. It was a condescending kind of lighter like “girl, now you know you dead wrong.” Continue reading


It’s been very difficult these last few months to find both the time and the will to write. I’ve been feeling a lot of stress lately which could have most likely been lessened by writing more frequently to release my thoughts. I’ve been trapped inside my mind with so many overwhelming, dream-crushing thoughts and I am currently at a point where I feel like I am beginning to be myself again. Continue reading

From temporary to permanent


Today I sat at my desk and it hit me that I’ve reached that point in my life where stability is most important. Just a year ago I was trying to find my purpose, my significance. Actually, I think I started that phase about two years ago. I picked up and moved six hours away from “home”. I don’t think I have 100% found myself. I have however really took the time to love myself and get to know the person I want to be. Today, I was texting one of my friends and she said she was going to quit her job and invest completely in herself. Normally, I would say go for it, but today was kind of different Continue reading