The Blogger

My name is Shaniya Mullin and I am a first time blogger. I actually am incredibly lazy, but super talented. I have had a artist hand(or eye) since middle school and I’ve always tried to develop my talent a little deeper. Up until recently, I wasn’t sure what route I wanted to take. I decided to give blogging a shot because I am eager to showcase all of my talents and here feedback from my viewers.

I come from Baltimore, MD (over west if you must know). I have 3 brothers and 6 sisters. One of my sisters actually lives in Jamaica. My sister, Shayla, is two years older than me but we often get mistaken for twins. My older brother, Jamar, has two sons so I am an auntie to Kaleb and Kyrie. I named Kyrie btw. 

My mother is Italian and Irish and my dad is fully Jamaican. He lived in the states for a while, and moved back to Jamaica a few years ago. I went to visit last summer and I had such a great time, I can’t wait to go back.

I am in my second year-sophomore at the North Carolina A&T State University. I attended the University of Baltimore(UB) for my first year in 2015. I am a Finance/Accounting major, and French minor. After graduation I plan to attend law school and obtain my Juris degree. I would like to practice accounting or financial management. I also would like to enter the Corporate Law world. I believe it is best to take this route for me because my undergraduate degree gives me a little flexibility if I decide not to go to law school. Also, corporate law deals with large, successful, wealthy companies. It would be a good idea to learn about the financial side of the business to increase my appeal to employers in the future. And yes, I have always been this particular about my future. I love plans, charts, list, and just about anything else that keeps me organized.

At A&T I am involved in the Honors Program and Charm City Aggies. The Honors Program is for those students with a GPA of 3.5 or better. You receive recognition at graduation and on your transcript. I was also in the Honors Program at UB. Charm City Aggies is a group of students from Baltimore and the surrounding counties and we come together to do community service around our school community and raise awareness about topics that are close to us.

I love taking selfies, working and making money, reading inspiring posts or pieces, analyzing art, getting tattoos, eating, and of course sleeping. Tattoos are like my outlet for a lot of things. I have high pain tolerance so it is easy for my to sit and get tattooed for hours on end. As of right now, I have a total of nine tattoos and six piercing(industrial bar, belly button, and the regular ear lobe piercings). I am seriously contemplating getting the daith piercing for medical reason though. I love tattoos because they feel nice and they look nice. I get to walk around with artwork literally stuck to me. I always do research on my artists before I set up my appointments because I like to know what I’m setting myself up for. (I’ll do a blog about all my tatts soon. I’m up to nine.)

I never liked to read up until recently. I’ve always been forced to read for a grade in school or something along those lines and so I never enjoyed doing on my own. Now, I love to find stories about health/beauty, politics, inspirational pieces, and anything along those lines. Pretty much, anything that has a great sound and is captivating, I would love to read– regardless of topic.